Minoritised Ethnic Community and Social Enterprises

Sepulveda, L. and Rabbevåg, S. (2021) Minoritised Ethnic Community and Social Enterprises. Research Report. Power to Change.


Access – The Foundation for Social Investment (Access), The Social Investment Business (SIB) and Power to Change (collectively – the partners) wished to collectively improve their understanding of how well they currently serve the needs of minoritised ethnic communities, specifically relating to the provision of enterprise development support for social and community enterprises and access to social investment.

Alongside their advisors to this research, Black South West Network and Ubele, they shared a view that the current offering around enterprise development and social investment could be better tailored to the needs of minoritised ethnic communities. The aim of this research was to test that view by looking at the three commissioning organisations’ own performance in currently meeting the needs of those communities, and by reviewing what is already known about those needs from existing research. The partners wished to establish a baseline of current performance in order to measure progress against this in the future and to be provided with concrete recommendations for next steps to take.

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