Small and Medium Sized Charities after the Crash

Unspecified (2016) Small and Medium Sized Charities after the Crash. Research Report. Lloyds Bank Foundation.


This briefing compiles evidence from two other independent reports: Navigating Change by NCVO and Too Small To Fail by IPPR North. These reports reveal that small and medium-sized charities have been hardest hit by cuts to public funding since 2008 compared to the rest of the voluntary sector. It also made clear that the damage will be most felt by vulnerable people in the local communities they serve.

This summary provides a useful overview of:

  • what small and medium-sized charities offer that others can’t,
  • what’s happened to the finances of small and medium-sized charities post-2008
  • what role public funding has played in compounding the issues facing small and medium-sized charities.
  • Recommendations include reforming public commissioning and taking steps to build the capacity of small and medium-sized charities.
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